We are to Remember

Have you seen the movie, "Lion King"? There is an impressive scene in that movie where Simba is being reminded of who he is. In the particular scene I'm encouraging you to recall there is the wonderfully deep and resonant voice of James Earl Jones calling to Simba over and over again to, "Remember. Remember. Remember." 

That's part of what I hear the writer in 1 Samuel 12 telling his listeners to do. Samuel is retiring and he is telling his listeners is to remember what God has done for them. He also wants them to remember who they are as God's people. What we notice most in the Old Testament is that prophets, priests, teachers, and the writers point back to the Exodus of God's people, Israel, from Egypt. Since the New Covenant, we look back to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. The first Exodus is a shadow of the second. Those people of God were delivered from physical bondage; we, under the New Covenant, are delivered from spiritual bondage. 

It had been about 400 years from when the children of Israel made their mass exodus from Egypt to when Samuel was making his retirement speech. That's nearly twice as long as our country has been in existence, and it's kind of sketchy for us to think back on George Washington and the signers of the Declaration. So, you can imagine some of the thoughts of some of these people in attendance. 

"That was 400 years ago!" 

"I can't be expected to know what happened that far back." 

"What's God done lately?"

We can't be sure what they may have been thinking, but we do know that these people were encouraged to hold this act of God up as a testimony of his faithfulness and his love toward his people.

It has been over 2,000 years for us, as we look back at God's last incredible act - the act of God giving his only Son as the perfect sacrifice for our spiritual bondage. Just like the people of God in this passage of 1 Samuel, we are told to remember too. Paul tells us to remember in his inspired New Testament writings. Many churches carve his reminder into their communion tables, "Do this in remembrance of me."

"But that was over 2,000 years ago!" 

"I can't be expected to know what happened that far back." 

"What's God done lately?"

We probably hear those sentiments from some of our family, friends, but especially strangers to the gospel. However, what we know is that just before Christ breathed his last on the cross, he said, "It is finished." There was no more to be done. We have only to remember, and to tell others of what we know. God made clear the way for his children to have perfect communion with him again through Christ. In our darkest moments we must never forget this. In uncertainty, in suffering, in want, we must always remember that the most important question is already answered - we are his people, purchased by the blood of Christ, and we are to never forget this no matter the circumstance. Dear Christian family, remember, remember, remember.


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